Over 300 Prominent Republicans Come Out Of Closet In Support Of Homosexual ‘Marriage’

A Shocking report from Christian News Network has indicated that Over 300 prominent Republicans have signed a brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court calling for the legalization of same-sex “marriage” nationwide. Yes that is not a “Typo” that is 300 “Republicans”! The lines have become more and more blurred when it comes to what political parties traditionally stand for these days and this report is validating that very thing! The amicus brief, or friend of the court brief, was led by former Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Ken Mehlman, who also served as manager of George W. Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign. “One of the points that I hope people appreciate when they read the brief is that supporting marriage equality is, in fact, the conservative position,” Mehlman told the Boston Globe. The brief argues that the 14th Amendment requires equal protection, which means that homosexuals should be permitted then to marry each other. If you think you know what your politician may stand for you may want to do your homework before casting your ballot next voting season!

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