Orlando Pastor Offers Prophetic Word After Pulse Massacre: It’s Happening

After multiple tragedies in the greater Orlando area, pastor and musician William McDowell issued a prophetic word via Instagram.

I know most of you will not understand what in the world I’m talking about. As a resident of Orlando and a pastor in Orlando with a prophetic edge I feel like standing on top of the biggest thing I can with the loudest megaphone and shouting this as loud as I can!!! IT’S HAPPENING!!!!!!Those with a spiritual awareness will know exactly what I am talking about! If you do you’ll know exactly what and how to pray! That’s all I can say for now. I’m encouraged to see that intercessors, prophetic voices and those who are sensitive are beginning to sense out there what we have been seeing here in our city since the beginning of 2016! It’s happening! Everything is connected! I’ll stop now but I’m full and it’s hard to stay completely silent! There is a word from the Lord about all of this!

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