Open Your Eyes

None of the “Big Three” events have happened yet (rapture, seven year covenant, construction of the Third Temple), which is causing scoffers to place undue confidence in the normalcy they perceive around them. They’ve dismissed God’s signs since nothing “big” happened, but should they?

Let’s Review

Shemitah 2015: no financial disaster happened and Jonathan Cahn’s theory was disproven, right? Well, unless you exclude the massive global stock market selloff that began just days before. It included an 888 point drop in the DJIA over just two days and over 1,300 points in a four day period. Also, on September 11th a bolt of lightning struck a crane at Islam’s “holiest” site in Mecca (where the Kaaba stone is kept), killing 111 people and injuring 394 others.

Rosh Hashanah 2015: the largest sandstorm in Israeli history blanketed the country in so much sand it blotted out the moon and prevented the sighting of the moon’s crescent for days. There was also a partial solar eclipse, an 8.3 magnitude mega-quake in South America, an iridescent cloud in Central America that looked like Jesus returning, and a freak lightning storm over Israel and the Dead Sea (video here). There was no rapture, but could God have spoken any louder, trying to wake the world up? In His sovereignty He certainly drew an awful lot of attention to that day.

Tabernacles 2015 and the Final Blood Moon: the final Blood Moon came and went and the world went back to sleep, but is it true nothing happened? Let’s not forget that Russian forces entered the Syrian conflict just two days after the Tabernacles Blood Moon, setting the stage for what a large number of students of Bible prophecy consider to be the fulfillment of at least part of Ezekiel 38. A large portion of Syria is in the biblically-defined area of northern Israel, which means the Blood Moon signaled the alignment of two of the key players in the Ezekiel 38 War right in northern Israel just as the prophet Ezekiel said would happen. A year later we witnessed Turkey begin to join the Russian-Iranian axis.

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