On Ash Wednesday, Glitter Ash project marks the inclusion of LGBT people

Smearing her thumb across 6-year-old Genevieve Dalton’s forehead, the Rev. Robin Anderson repeated the solemn words of Ash Wednesday: “From dust you came. To dust you shall return.”

Then Genevieve whirled away from the pastor, her forehead twinkling. “I really like glitter,” she proclaimed.

Genevieve, like thousands of other Christians nationwide, got her ashes on this Ash Wednesday with a side of sparkles. The Glitter Ash project, created by New York nonprofit Parity, encouraged clergy to mix glitter into the ashes this year, to represent the inclusion of LGBT people in Christian life.

“People are responding with such joy that they can show their faith and show that they are LGBT,” said the Rev. Marian Edmonds-Allen, executive director of Parity. “LGBT people are people of faith, too. . . . On the day, Ash Wednesday, when Christians are publicly Christian, we are going to be publicly queer.”

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