Officials Scramble For Solutions In The Wake Of Another Fish Kill In New York

As the Peconic River teems with thousands of dead fish after another bunker kill, town and county officials are struggling to find solutions to deal with the clean-up – and the stench. “It’s totally disgusting,” said Joanne Tyte, who lives on Howell Lane on the Peconic River. “The smell is so bad that we can’t even go outside.” Last month’s major fish kill washed up tens of thousands of dead bunker on shores from the Peconic River to the Peconic Bay after algal blooms starved the water – and its bunker fish – of oxygen. And last weekend, oxygen levels in the Peconic River once again dropped very low due to another algal bloom, triggering yet another fish kill. Fortunately, this weekend’s kill appears to be smaller than last month’s, but it has washed up thousands more stinky dead fish near the homes of fish-weary residents who are still reeling from the remains of the last kill. “Since June 7, we’ve had nothing but southerly winds, and that’s just been carrying that smell to our house,” said Jennifer Parillo, who lives on Riverside Drive. “It just hasn’t stopped. It keeps on coming.

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