Obama To Issue Executive Order Extending Presidential Term Limits

President Barack Obama will exercise his presidential powers this week when he signs an executive order directing the Supreme Court to indefinitely suspend the 22nd Amendment. Coming on the heels of the Conservative Political Action Conference held at Maryland’s National Harbor, President Obama announced his decision to temporarily end presidential term limits, saying, “I’m not seeing any potential presidential candidates on either side of the aisle who are capable of carrying out the task of running the country.” Citing “poor performance” on the part of a Republican-controlled congress, the struggling economy, and the continuing situation with ISIS, Obama said he feels “obligated” to continue his term in order to steer the country away from crisis “just like Roosevelt.” “This is not something out of the ordinary,” says political analyst Elliot Stabler. “We already have several states with no gubernatorial term limits. Connecticut, Idaho, Massachusetts, Washington, Vermont, New York, just to name a few. In fact Michael Bloomberg repealed term limits in order to run for a third time as New York City mayor.”

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