Noah’s Day of Protective Hiding

I realize many are disappointed and reeling from another date that has passed us by for the Rapture. As has been said here before, the reason we have pressed on is knowing where we are in history. No calculation from the blood moons of the lunar tetrad was faulty. No calculations from the various Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions were faulty. The Rapture did not happen, but the math came to legitimate signs that have occurred. Those signs were the alignments of the
components of the Revelation 12 Sign to the Great Pyramid and then the Sign of the Woman of Revelation 12 itself. The problem has been where to pin down the Rapture and the available window is shrinking.

The general logic has been that the next Feast of the Lord to be fulfilled was the Rapture. Paul used the term “the Last Trump”, which by tradition seemed to be the Feast of Trumpets. When that passed us by it was then realized that in a Jubilee year the Trumpet is blown on the Day of Atonement, so the anticipation was moved to that day, but alas, still no Rapture. Then there was Shemini Atzeret–the 8th Day, which was another great candidate with trumpets. It had to be it, but again there was no Rapture.

So then knowing what we know about 2017 and even 2024, do we walk away? Was the once in 7,000 year Sign of Revelation 12 of no effect? Were all of the miraculous day counts a sham? Were all of the Middle East events on 100 day increments purely chance? All the calamities, too? Surely something is going on and fortunately it seems many believers who are watching still agree. I have been humbled by so many reaching out to encourage this work over the past few weeks. The truth is we are not there yet and it is not over.

For those who may not be aware, the thesis of this work is that the period of Daniel’s 70th Week stretches from November 19, 2017 to the Day of Atonement 2024 (October 12) . That has been shown many ways in the books and articles and that period’s day count is 2,520 days. The 2,550 days is slated to end on Heshvan 10, 2024 (post war fulfillment of observing Atonement, Day 1290) and the 2,595 days (Day 1335) is slated for Hanukkah 2024. The basic idea, though, is there are only so many days left before this outline will be damaged.

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