No Question These Are The End Times; America’s Role As Superpower Will Diminish As New World Order Forms

Harvest Ministries Pastor Greg Laurie said Sunday his study of Bible prophecy and current events shows America will fade as the world’s foremost superpower in the last days, either because it will join with the antichrist or it will be diminished by the rapture. In a November 30 sermon entitled “Israel, Iran, ISIS and Bible Prophecy,” Laurie preached that Christians are now living in the “last days” before the fulfillment of various End Times prophecies laid out in the Bible book of Revelations. Current events such as Israel establishing itself as a nation, Russia alignment with Iran and the rise of Islamic extremism, he said, are setting the stage for a predicted conflict in which the world’s forces turns against Israel. One force that will be missing during that conflict, Laurie says, is the United States of America. “[As] the forces of antichrist emerge, I believe that America will fade from the scene.” Putting the United States in the context of Scripture, he explained, “We are not found in the End Times scenario.”

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