New York: Jesus painting left at mosque being investigated as ‘hate crime’

Police on Long Island are investigating after someone hung a large painting of Jesus Christ on a fence at a mosque early Friday evening….Investigators are treating the incident as a hate crime.

This example represents a new low: a painting of Jesus left on a fence at a mosque is deemed so offensive to Muslims that it is being investigated by (shariah) police in Long Island as a hate crime, even though “mosque leaders told police that they are not offended by the imagery of Jesus Christ.”

This case highlights that it is Western dhimmis and useful idiots who are largely to blame in surrendering and even escorting the West into the House of Islam. They are so clueless that even the New York branch of CAIR (an unindicted co-conspirator to terror financing) saw the “hate crime” investigation as a golden opportunity to proclaim “unity” between the Abrahamic faiths.

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