New NBC Sitcom Suggests Jesus Is a Full-On Homosexual

How far across the line will Antichrist agendas go? Isn’t it bad enough to suggest that God is a woman and that Jesus is a transgender?

I’d expect that from the gay lobby that’s working to influence the culture through media and entertainment. But when NBC gets on board with this blasphemy, it surprises even me.

NBC is propagating a false—homosexual—Jesus in its freshman show Superstore. This is no small offense—and it’s not accidental. No, Justin Spitzer, who serves as writer and executive producer, appears to be blatantly smearing Christ and angering many of His followers.

In the episode “Wedding Day Sale,” a Christian store manager named Glenn asks for help from a gay employee named Mateo to build out a special gay wedding section.

“I just want everyone who comes into this store to feel accepted,” Glenn says. That seemingly compassionate gesture opens a discussion about Jesus supporting pro-gay adoption and pro-gay marriage—and even speculation that the Messiah Himself may have been homosexual.

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