New Jersey Police Ticket Christian For Posting Scripture Sign On His Vehicle

A New Jersey police officer ticketed a Christian who was sharing the gospel outside of a local abortion facility this weekend after the officer took issue with a sign displayed on his truck that cited two Scriptures. Luis Zapata says that he has posted Scripture and other messages on his vehicle for nearly two years as a means to witness to the public about Christ. “After he came up to me and gave me the ticket, he said, ‘You have to remove the signs.’ And I said, ‘How? I don’t have any tools [with me] to take it off,’” Zapata recalled. “And he said, ‘You have to get it off. If I drive away and I find the car [again], I’m going to give you another ticket.’” Zapata states that Wormer did not cite any law that he was violating until he wrote it on the ticket. The men then looked up the ordinance and discovered that it was under a section entitled “temporary permits for advertising on vehicles.” Zapata disagrees that his sign had anything to do with advertising. “It wasn’t even my opinion; it was Scriptures,” he said. “And I just express [through the sign] what the Bible says, not even only in Englewood, but also in other towns.” Zapata said that he finds it ironic that the police will swear on a Bible in court, but then turn against those same verses when on the streets.

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