New ISIS Execution & Beheading Video Celebrates Paris Attacks

In a new video purportedly released by the Islamic State titled “Kill Them Wherever You Find Them,” ISIS threatens Paris with more “November 13” style attacks. The video was released by ISIS’ Al-Hayat Media and features the eight November 13 Paris attackers, including Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

The video begins and is presented as if it were an encrypted email. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has commented on the encryption code shown and has called it “fake.”

The video then shows the eight Paris attackers (four Belgian, three French, and two Iraqi) killing ISIS prisoners. The footage appears to prove that the Paris attackers spent time being radicalized by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria before the November 13 attacks.

Two of the men that perpetrated beheadings in the video include Abu Fuad and Abu Qital, who were allegedly “sent by [Abu Bakr] al-Baghdadi.”

The video also calls for more lone wolf attacks by ISIS members in Paris and the West.

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