Mystery in Bali as thousands of birds fall from the sky probably asphyxiated by gases and vapors of Agung volcano

Indonesian officials are baffled by the sudden death of thousands of birds in the eastern part of the island Bali. Officials don’t want to testify that these birds falling from the sky are more likely victims of the recent volcanic and seismic unrest of Agung volcano and answers to a frightened population that rain is most probably responsible for the mass die-off.
‘We do not know yet whether it is related or not, if the volcanic gases have already reached the region and the town. We are far from Gunung Agung. Poison gas exists in an volcanic ejecta. Maybe high levels of sulfur and carbonic acid in the air led to the apocalyptic bird mass die-off. But heavy rains may also be the culprit.’ The unexplained mass die-of was reported by Amin Basri the gardener o September 25, 2017 after heavy rains. He reports he has never seen something like this in his whole life.

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