Muslims Declare This Message To Christian Pastors: “Become Muslim Or We’ll Cut Your Head Off”

A Syrian priest who escaped to the West after being held for months by Islamic State believes his life was spared because of his interfaith work.

Syriac Catholic priest Rev Jacques Mourad was abducted from the Mar Moussa monastery. He believed he was going to be killed, but was instead held captive in the terrorist group’s capital, Raqqa.

According to RNS, he told members of Rome’s Foreign Press Association: “During these 84 days that I was a prisoner in this bathroom in Raqqa, it could be said that it was one of the most difficult experiences that a person can go through; that of losing one’s liberty. For me it was also a very intense experience, from the spiritual point of view.”

He said that there were very dark moments when he was threatened with execution. “It was very difficult above all when they said, ‘Become Muslim or we’ll cut your head off,’” he said.

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