Muslim Imam Seizes Woman, Who Is Eight Months Pregnant, And Beats Her So Badly That He Murders Her Unborn Child

A Muslim imam in Afghanistan named Dost Mohammad seized a woman who was eight months pregnant, and beat her so badly that he murdered her unborn child. The motive? According to the mullah the woman was “possessed.” According to one Afghan report:

An eight-month pregnant mother lost her child after she was severely beaten by a Mullah who believed to be an exorcist in Chahar Dara district of Kunduz. The newly-wed woman, who requested her name not be revealed, said the Mullah named Dost Mohammad claimed that she was possessed after her husband’s family took her to him for a ritual treatment, when all she was suffering from was low blood pressure. “The Mullah told my family that I was possessed, but I was not,” she said. “He [Mullah] beat me severely in order to free me from the demons that I did not have. As a result the doctors notified me that I lost my child.” The doctors at Kunduz civilian hospital confirmed that the woman had lost her child as a result of physical violence. “There are signs of violence on her body,” Doctor Quddos Meyakhail said, adding that low blood pressure is normal in first-time mothers. “We have to remove the dead child from her womb because of the safety of woman’s health.”

The only person who was demon possessed was the imam.

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