Mother, boyfriend now charged in death, dismemberment of Montgomery County teen

A Montgomery County couple acted out a hate-fueled rape and murder fantasy on 14-year-old Grace Packer, authorities said, charging the girl’s mother Sara Packer and her boyfriend Jacob Sullivan early Sunday in a conspiracy to kill her and dismember her body.

The information Bucks County prosecutors used to charge Jacob Sullivan came in Sullivan’s hospital bed confession Saturday as he recovered from a failed suicide pact with Packer a week earlier as authorities increased pressure on the couple following the discovery of Grace Packer’s body near a Luzerne County reservoir last year, District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said Sunday.

Weintraub said that although Sullivan’s statement cannot be used against Packer, investigators have a strong case alleging that she was complicit in the plot to kill the girl, who she adopted as a toddler. Packer purchased sedatives allegedly used in an attempt to poison her daughter and the bow saw allegedly used to remove her limbs, court documents say. She also stored the body for three months packed in kitty litter in an attic closet one floor above her bedroom, authorities allege.

“Unfortunately, she was just a disposable child to them,” Weintraub said.

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