More Advertisement For Electronic Tattoos

Beast Tech: It is becoming more and more common for bodily markings to be advertised for technology and convenience. Electronic tattoos are taking the technology world by storm promoting easy authentication methods and bodily health monitors and will be widely accepted by today’s youth who cling to the latest and greatest invention. The author of this particular article says “it’s almost certain that you’ll at least try one within the next 5 years.” See the key here is to introduce the idea as something that is designed to make life easier, more convenient. That’s probably how most people see it anyway. “A non-permanent mark that remembers my passwords? I’m in!” “A pill that I can swallow that will unlock my doors when I get close? Even better!” Once this idea has evolved into a common practice, people won’t think twice about receiving a mark on their hand or forehead (although hand will probably be more common) that allows them to pay for their groceries without having their wallet. It’s all an introduction to something greater and it’s sad how many people are going to be deceived by it when the real time comes.

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