Militia Gets Enraged At ISIS Putting People In Orange Jumpsuits And Killing Them, Captures ISIS Terrorists And Then Slaughters Them All In The Same Fashion ISIS Executes Their Victims

This amazing video is not what it seems. What seems like ISIS are killing their usual victims is quite the opposite: it is the victims who are killing ISIS and in the same fashion ISIS kills its victims. It is ISIS here who can be seen being executed in part as revenge for the deaths of at least three of one rebel group’s members who were beheaded by ISIS. And since Islam demands that assaults are to be paid back with exactly the same types of assaults, ISIS then had to experience the same aggression, to the exact perfection on how ISIS kills. It all happened when a video emerged showing ISIS jihadists beheading 12 men from rival groups, among them were members from Jaysh al-Islam which we included that video in the end of this article. So in turn, the group Jaysh al-Islam then decided to take revenge against 18 ISIS terrorists.

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