Luke 21:25-26 Going Viral!

A simple observation on Twitter about the recent catastrophic signs we have been seeing is not going unnoticed by the world. A late night tweet by Julee Dao on September 4th has been retweeted over 70,000 times in just 2 days. I find it so amazing how God can use everyday people to spread His message, a message that seems to tie into Luke 21:25-26 just as this young lady noticed thanks in part to Google.

Just think of all the people that are reading that verse and making a connection to the lateness of the hour. Think of how few of those people probably rarely open their Bibles, yet God is still reaching them with HIS WORD… right where they are! I can’t even imagine how many seeds of faith have been planted with this one small tweet!

God is so amazing… When so many big names have failed to spread the message He uses the most unlikely sources to get the word out… and by doing it in this manner HE GET’S THAT MUCH MORE GLORY!

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