‘Left Behind’ Producer Reveals Potential End-Times Prophecy Moment He Noticed During GOP Debate

A Christian filmmaker took to Facebook after the Republican debate this week to highlight some key moments that he thought were incredibly profound — comments from the candidates about the current ”alliance of Iran and Russia” in the Middle East. Paul Lalonde, producer and writer of end-times film “Left Behind,” wrote on the movie’s official Facebook page that he was struck by GOP candidates’ open discussion about this coalition, saying that he believes that the alliance possibly pertains to biblical prophecy. He also said that the contenders could “have stirred things up” had they openly tied the alliance to end-times verses in the Old Testament.

“So I’m watching the debate tonight and listening to the candidates talking at some length about the politics in the Middle East,” Lalonde wrote. “They even specifically mention the alliance of Iran and Russia.” He continued, “And yet not one of the entire panel of self-professed Christians said, ‘Oh, and by the way, that’s the very alliance that the Bible says will attack Israel in this generation.” Lalonde said that, had one of the candidates mentioned the widely held evangelical belief that Russia and Iran could form a military alliance during the end times — a theological construct that is based on interpretations of Ezekiel 38-39 – that it could have really “stirred things up.”

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