LEAKED VIDEO SHOWS: A Muslim Man Rejects Islam And Converts To Christianity, Muslims Then Capture Him And Horrifically Slaughter Him

A Croatian Christian Fighter Named Davor Who Is Currently Fighting ISIS In Syria Found A Cellphone That Belonged To A Terrorist. The Video Went Viral Amongst Jihadi Circles. A Trusted Shoebat.Com Contact Said He Got The Footage From A Third Party And Shoebat.Com Translated The Video. The Revealed Footage Which Shoebat.Com Translated Speaks For Itself Presenting Confirmed Evidence Of An Execution Of This Un-Named Christian Martyr Who Decided To Leave Islam And Convert To Christianity. Refusing To Recant, He Was Executed As A Ritual Human Sacrifice Offered As An Oblation To Allah. At The End Of The Video The Muslims Collectively Repeat A Sacrificial Type Of Prayer To Allah:

“Oh Allah, Except Your Deed In This To Be An Offering For Your Glorified Face”

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