Leaked Report By EU: “Jerusalem Is About To Explode”

Leaked internal report from the EU warns further escalation and claims that the capital “has reached a boiling point not seen since the second intifada.” The document accuses Israel of deterioration, and offers to expand sanctions against settlements in the West Bank. The report, published by British newspaper “The Guardian”, claims that the continuation of settlement building and house demolitions by Israel in East Jerusalem will only result in negative effects on the already delicate situation. The European union leaked this information, just three days after Netanyahu’s landslide victory in the Israeli elections, in order to pressure the new government to freeze settlement building.

Netanyahu is expected to face more pressure coming from the US President Barack Obama. Yesterday (Thursday) Obama congratulated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his election victory, but also told him that the US is reassessing its approach to Israeli-Palestinian peace. This new level of tension between the two allies is in light of Netanyahu’s statement from a few days before the elections, in which he said that a Palestinian state will not be established during his term, a comment which he later reversed in an interview to MSNBC.

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