Latin America Turns Against Israel On Gaza

In Latin America, Brazil is on the forefront of politics critical of Israel. After Brazil recalled its ambassador to Israel for consultations in July, several other countries in the region quickly followed suit: Chile, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador and Nicaragua. “Almost all countries in Latin America follow Brazil’s position,” says Salem Hikmat Nasser, an expert on international law at Brazil’s Fundacao Getulio Vargas University. “They see the war in Gaza as the Palestinians’ national struggle toward liberation in the face of a colonial occupying power.” Latin America’s own colonial history is a common denominator in the region’s critical attitude toward Israel. At the Mercosur summit last month in Caracas, the presidents of Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay urgently demanded an “investigation of all violations of international humanitarian law and crimes in the Gaza Strip, and the identification of those responsible.”

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