Kidnapped Christians forced into marriage and Islam or infected with diseases and beheaded

Terrified Victoria Yohanna, 15, walked for seven hours to escape the barbaric Boko Haram – Islamic militants who have now become affiliated with ISIS.

While schoolgirls were forced into marriages and ordered to renounce their faith, her five younger brothers were forced into a “Koranic instruction”, trained to kill, and ordered to fight for Boko Haram.

On the way to the camp she described how “amidst intense gunfire, I saw how young adults were beheaded”.

She said: “The Christian women were forced to recount their faith and become wives of the terrorists or be killed.”

Another escapee said described how schoolgirls were inpregnated and infected with diseases.

Recounting her horrifying experiences while controlled by the Nigerian terrorists, devout Christian Victoria revealed how she was forced to convert to Islam and even witnessed barbaric beheadings.

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