Jordan’s King Calls Fight Against Islamic State ‘A Third World War’

Prophetic Wars mentioned in the Bible seemed to be advancing to fulfillment as of lately. The Bible indicates that all these “End Time” battles will be centered around locations in the Middle East. A new report by Jordan’s King Abdullah mirror’s this as he is calling the fight against Islamic State a “third world war”, in an interview on Monday about how to best respond to Islamic State. “This is a third world war by other means. This brings Muslims, Christians, other religions together in this generational fight,” Abdullah said an interview with CNN. The king went on to emphasize that the fight against Islamic State is is not just a Western fight but one within Islam as well. “Everybody comes together against these outlaws.” The Hashemite kingdom has taken a more active role in the US-led air campaign against ISIS after the videotaped immolation of Muath al-Kasaesbeh, a Jordanian air force pilot who was shot down by ISIS and taken captive in Syria.

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