Jonathan Cahn Warns Of Approaching Calamity

Recently we published an article on Jonathan Cahn’s caution as to being dogmatic about the timing of judgment—namely that God doesn’t have to act by set dates or times. Cahn has given that caution to avoid the focus being on dates or date-setting. At the same he has continued to issue the warning of approaching calamity, the call to be ready and prepared, and the counsel that believers be aware of the timing involved in the biblical Shemitah. From the release of The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah, Cahn has warned repeatedly that he believes a great shaking is coming, and that this shaking will affect the financial realm, the economic realm and be even greater, not limited to these realms. In The Mystery of the Shemitah, he revealed the pattern with exact times and dates when these things may occur. Since this involves exact times and dates, Cahn has always added a caution that people don’t put their main focus on dates, but rather on getting right with God, and a reminder that God is sovereign and cannot be put into a box and believers must not become overly dogmatic as to the timing of when these things are to take place.

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