The Freedom From Religion Foundation has successfully pressured a school in Kansas to remove a picture of Jesus that had hung in the hallways for decades. Royster Middle School took down the “Head of Christ” print by Warner Sallman, following a complaint from the well-known atheists’ group that’s headquartered in Wisconsin. Richard Proffitt, who serves as superintendent of Chanute, said the school district attorney advised to remove the picture, the Wichita Eagle reported. “We were notified and we responded to stay in compliance,” he said, the newspaper reported. Sallman drew the picture in 1924 in charcoal. It was later reproduced in color, and a copy of that colorized version hung in Royster in the 1940s. “Oh man, it’s getting bad,” said Erika Semey, a former Royster student who attended a decade ago, Fox News reported,. “That’s what’s wrong with this world. Not enough people have Christ in their lives.”

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