Japan Presents: The Fastest Train In The World

Japan’s magnetic train continues to break speed records, this time reaching 603 kilometers per her. By 2027, the train is expected to travel across Japan, between Tokyo and Nagoya, in only 40 minutes. Japan’s magnetic high-speed train continued to break records, as this morning (Tuesday), during a test ride, it reached a speed of 603 kilometers per hour near Mount Fuji – the highest mountain in Japan. The previous speed record also belonged to the Japanese train, and stood at 590 kilometers per hour. “Maglev”, the company that built the train, used an electrically charged magnet that lifts and pushes the train above its rails. The Japanese national railway company plans to use the Maglev train in a line cutting across Japan from Tokyo to Nagoya, which is planned to be completed by 2027. The journey between the two Japanese cities spans 280 kilometers, but will only take 40 minutes – less than half the current travel time. The Japanese railway company, which is investing 100 billion dollars to establish the train routes and operate them, stated that the Maglev train is planned to travel at a maximum speed of 505 kilometers per hour, and most of its route will go through tunnels and will not harm the landscape.

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