‘It Is Going To Be Worse This Year’ Major Christian Rescue Group Says Christians Worldwide Are Going To Be Persecuted Worse This Year Than In 2016.

Last year, over 90,000 Christians were horribly slaughtered for their faith. This is a level of persecution that has not been seen since ancient times, and according to one major Christian rescue group, 2017 is going to be even worse:

Violent persecution of Christians is set to increase in 2017, warns Release International. The greatest area of concern is the Islamic world, where persecution is increasing from both the state and Islamic militants.

There are also worrying trends in India and China. In India, recorded attacks from Hindu militants have increased dramatically, and in China, pressure is building on unregistered churches, according to Release’s annual Persecution Trends report.

‘Around the world Christians face an increasing array of violent persecutors. These include the brutal Islamic State in the Middle East, heavily armed militants in Nigeria and Hindu extremists in India,’ warns Release Chief Executive Paul Robinson.

‘Our report on the likely trends of persecution in 2017 is a wake-up call to take our prayers and practical support for our persecuted family to a new level.’

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