Israel Tells US It Will Act If ISIS Reaches Jordan

In talks with US officials about the Islamic State this week, Israel has made clear that should the extremist group start operating in neighboring Jordan, it will not hesitate to act, Channel 2 reported Friday citing diplomatic sources. According to the report, US airstrikes in Iraq have already yielded resuts on the ground, helping Kurdish forces make inroads in recapturing territory overtaken by the extremist group. Amid intense diplomatic efforts by US Secretary of State John Kerry, 10 key Middle Eastern governments, including Jordan, agreed to back President Barack Obama’s newly announced campaign against the Islamic State, which has conquered large swaths of Syria and Iraq. In an official document, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Sunni states in the Persian Gulf formally joined Obama’s coalition Friday, pledging to stanch the terror group’s funding and possibly even contribute directly to the war effort. The signatories of the document, which is known as the Jeddah Communique, also include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In it, the Arab countries pledge to staunch sources of funding for the Islamic State, as well as stem the flow of foreign fighters to the group.

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