Islamic Terrorist Hunted a Pastor Until Jesus Gave Him an Unusual Vision

Al-Rashid was the commander of a fanatical Islamic group that sought to convert everyone to Islam and make all nations fall under Islamic rule.

He was angered by reports of Muslims converting to Christianity and spreading the gospel. So he formed a special task force to track down the Christian leaders who were responsible and convert or kill them.

Rashid heard about Pastor Paul, a former Muslim and the leader of a group of ministries boldly evangelizing Muslims in Asia, the Middle East and other developing countries. Pastor Paul and his team were distributing Bibles in many languages and forming underground house churches in restricted countries.

The terror leader developed a plan to kill Pastor Paul’s family first, then capture the Christian leader, force him to convert back to Islam and use him as a propagandist against Christianity.

They made many attempts. “We attacked them several times,” Rashid recounted, “and miraculously they escaped.”

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