ISIS Takes Over Town In Egypt, Sets Up Military Checkpoints And Is Checking ID Cards To Hunt Down Any Remaining Christians There

Scarcely two weeks ago, we reported that hundreds of Christians were found fleeing from the town of El-Arish, Egypt as ISIS closed in and promised to hunt down, round up, and exterminate all Christians.

In another breaking move, it has come out that ISIS has just set up checkpoints in and around El-Arish and are checking everybody’s ID cards looking to see if that person is a Christian so they can arrest them and take them away for torture and death:

Islamic State militants appeared online on Sunday evening in Egypt’s North Sinai city of Al-Arish manning checkpoints and checking ID cards in search of Egyptian Christians.

The photos, published online, come after a number of security convoys and police stations were targeted by the IS affiliate, known as the Sinai Province, over the last week.

The images showed a number of masked Sinai Province militants inspecting civilian vehicles and checking ID cards in a street near El Faleh Square in central Al-Arish.

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