“ISIS murdered 200 children”

A new video that was released tonight (Monday) on the internet shows the documentation of the execution of at least 200 Syrian children. The distributors of the horrifying documentation accuse ISIS of perpetrating the massacre, however there is no verification to that so far. It is also not known when the video was filmed. The terrifying video shows a long line of children lying one next to the other, their faces in the dirt and their hands and legs are tied. Behind them there are at least 12 alleged members of the terror organization, armed with automatic rifles and guns, and they are shooting the children in cold blood and at close range. It is estimated that the video was filmed in Syrian territory. Despite the fact that ISIS terrorists are known in carrying out mass executions, until this day there were no reports of them murdering children.

At this stage there is not a lot of information regarding the 30 seconds video, which contains terrifying graphic content, and is being distributed on the internet. In addition the reason for murdering the children by the terror organization is not known.

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