ISIS in a direct message to Putin: We’ll attack you too

In response to Russia’s attacks against ISIS, the terror orgenizaion realeased tonight (Wedensday) a video showing the execution of a “Russian spy” as message to the Kremlin. The terrorist who beheaded the victim spoke in Russian directly to Russian President Putin and threatened him that he will be attacked. The footage was shot in the Al-Raqqah Govennorate, presently under the control of ISIS. The victim, a 22 year old Chechnyan, is seen admitting he arrived in Syria and Iraq on a mission by Russian Intelligence, and that he informed his superiors about the movements of 605 volunteer fighters who arrived from Russia. The alleged spy also noted that the Russians are having difficulties following the new recruits because they change their names upon joining ISIS. Before the execution, the assailant reads in Russian a note which, among others, states: To Putin the dog. We Attacked Assad before your arrival, and the Americans and their allies – We’ll attack you too.

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