ISIS Capture Mosul Dam, Threatens Biblical Catastrophe

SIS militants are believed to have captured Iraq’s largest dam on Thursday, wresting it from the Kurdish Peshmerga’s control and over the weekend warned Iraqis that they had a choice between “ISIS or the flood”. The statement was an apparent biblical reference to Noah’s Ark and raised concerns in the country as to what the capture of one of the country’s key pieces of infrastructure could mean. After conflicting reports over whether or not the militant group has in fact captured Mosul Dam, a US State Department spokesperson late last week confirmed that the dam had in fact fallen to ISIS fighters. If ISIS deliberately destroy the dam, as they have threatened to do, an 80-foot flood wave would submerge half of Mosul, according to the study, and 58 to 100-square miles of farmland would be destroyed, wiping out the region’s ability to feed itself. Even in a best-case scenario, within eight hours a third of the city would be submerged, while the Tigris River would burst its banks, submerging the capital, Baghdad beneath 5-meters of water within three days.

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