ISIS’ Astounding Views of Jesus and the End Times

When the topic of Jesus and the end times is introduced, one would expect it to originate with evangelical Christians. It is, rather, coming from ISIS. The music emanating from the flute of the ISIS snake charmer is prophecy, the end times and Jesus.

The house of Islam, ISIS, has raised its black apocalyptic banner of the caliphate in Dabiq, Syria, while awaiting the arrival of the “Crusader armies.” Recruits are joining from Tunisia, Russia, Jordan, Morocco, France, Turkey, Lebanon, Germany, Libya, the U.K., Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Somalia, Yemen, virtually the rest of the known world and, unsurprisingly, Saudi Arabia.

The birth process for ISIS has created and unleashed a Frankenstein-type monster. Its architects have totally lost control of the beast. Gulf State corporations, loosely called “countries,” have employed oil-produced revenues to pay off Islamic fundamentalists, while extorting the more moderate Muslims in an attempt to keep the ogre at bay. ISIS claims that all emirate groups, states and organizations are illegitimate, while it wants to conquer the world and usher in the final battle of the apocalypse.

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