Terrorists with ISIS stormed a town in the central Syrian province of Homs and took at least 230 people hostage, including dozens of Christians who were attending church. The incident took place in Qaryatain, near a road that links Palmyra to the Qalamoun mountains near Lebanon, ABC News reported. International Business Times specified the number of abducted Christians could be as high as 150. “People have tried to reach their relatives on their mobile phones with no luck,” said A Demand for Action, an organization that campaigns for Christian minorities in the country, in a statement reported by IBT. “The Islamic State has said that they have ‘arrested’ more than 100 Assyrian/Syriacs from the town of Qaryatain in Homs, Syria.” The fate of the captives isn’t known, but ISIS has executed, both privately and publicly, on video, those considered infidels – like Christians – and those who refuse to swear allegiance to the group.

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