Is This the End? The Rise of Christophobia in America

John 15:18 “If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first.

America has always been a place where Christians were free to worship and live according to their consciences. In fact, our country was built upon the principles of religious tolerance, individual liberty and the right to dissent. In our founding documents, the source of these rights and freedoms is clearly acknowledged as God, not the government.

Yet the drastic changes we have experienced in the past half-century have so turned our culture on its head that to exercise those rights and freedoms means a Christian often risks marginalization, repression and even outright persecution.

As I’ve written in Is This the End? there are five distinct stages of religious oppression now occurring in our nation that when fully formed, ultimately result in Christian persecution. All of them emerge from a growing Christophobia exhibited by certain members of government in our country.

Stage 1: Stereotyping
Stage 2: Marginalizing
Stage 3: Threatening
Stage 4: Intimidating
Stage 5: Litigation

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