Is the Coming Total Solar Eclipse a Prophetic, End Times Warning From God?

Author Mark Biltz is among those who believe that the eclipse is a “sign from God,” proclaiming in quotes published by conservative site WND that he believes the Almighty is sending a sign to America. Biltz argues that happenings in the Middle East as well as “signs in the heavens” show that prophesy could be on the horizon.

In the end, he said he’s hoping for national repentance. And, as Christian Today noted, Biltz isn’t alone in making these claims.

“Could God be giving us a warning that we need to repent or judgment will be coming to the United States?” he asked. “The timing couldn’t be clearer!”

Of course, total solar eclipses aren’t all that rare. The next one isn’t due to be seen in America until 2024, though they can technically be seen somewhere on Earth once every 18 months.

But, with that said, there are some intriguing and defining elements surrounding the coming Aug. 21 event, including the fact that it is the first time since 1257 that the entirety of the total eclipse is exclusively viewable from inside the U.S.

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