Iraq: Yazidi Girls ‘Raped In Public’ And Sold To Isis Fighters Before Release

Ziyad Shammo Khalaf, who works with the local NGO Yazda to offer assistance and first aid to the persecuted Yazidis, exclusively told IBTimes UK that after their kidnapping in Sinjar, the boys and girls were taken away by force from the mothers and “distributed among houses” in Mosul and Tal Afar, where they stayed for five months. “They were treated very badly, they were forced to convert to Islam and pray, and say the Shahada [Islamic creed professing belief in the oneness of God and its prophet Mohammed]. They also gave them lectures about Islam,” he said.

“The girls were dragged away from their mothers. If the mothers pleaded them not to give away their daughters, they were beaten and tortured,” Shammo, who is also Chairman of the Relief Committee Within Initiative for Ezidis around the World said. The girls were also given as prizes to IS fighters and Arab tribes loyal to IS in Ramadi after a military victory, such as the one in Sinjar. The activist struggles to find the words to describe the horrific experience the Yazidi girls had to endure under IS captivity. “If you come and sit with the girls you will find different stories from girl to girl. A lot of them have been sold to ISIS fighters, they have been raped in […] public, and by more than two or three people at a time,” Shammo said. “They were tortured, beaten and subject to any type of violence.”

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