Iran Makes This Declaration To Saudi Arabia: “We Will Cut Off Your Hand And Ignite The Flames Of War.” The Standoff Between Saudi Arabia And Iran Begins

Last time Iran tried to send an Iranian plane to land in Sana’a airport under the guise of “humanitarian aid” to Yemen, Saudi Arabia responded by bombing the airport in Sanaa to prevent it from landing just to make a point that Iran cannot ignore Saudi warnings that a blockade on Yemen is enforced. Now this is happening all over again at a much larger scale and a more dangerous posture. Iran’s latest attempt is sending a humanitarian ship The Shahed cargo ship as a flotilla to break the Saudi-enforced blockade, which departed Iran on Monday and is currently in the Gulf of Aden. Iran is mimicking the Gaza aid Flotilla, which caused world attention in Israel in 2010, and this new Iranian flotilla is accompanied by a direct threat from Iran “we [Iran] will cut off the hand that touches it”. And to ensure they make good on their threat, they are accompanying this ‘Flotilla’ with two warships, Alborz and the Bushehr proclaiming by such posture that Iran will break the blockade despite warnings by Saudi Arabia and the United States.

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