IDF Attacked In Gaza In Response To Yesterday’s Rocket

Israeli Air Force aircrafts attacked four targets this morning in the south of the Gaza Strip, as response to the rocket fired from Gaza that landed near Ashdod yesterday. Ya’alon: “I wouldn’t advise anyone to test us.” As a response to the rocket fired at Israel yesterday, the Israeli Air Force attacked four targets this morning (Wednesday) in the Gaza Strip. According to the announcement by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, direct hits were identified in all four attacks. “The IDF sees the incident severely. The Hamas terror organization is the one carrying the responsibility,” the announcement read. In Ashdod, local authorities decided to cancel studies today in schools that do not have proper shelters and protection.“If it will not be quiet in Israel the Gaza Strip will pay a very heavy price for it, a price that will cause anyone planning to challenge us to regret his actions,” stated Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon this morning. “Israel has no intention of overlooking the shooting towards its citizens, as was committed yesterday by Islamic Jihadists. Tonight the IDF attacked Islamic Jihad and Hamas targets.”

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