How Close Are We to the Arrival of the Antichrist?

Steve Magill, author of the book, Revelation and the Age of Antichrist, is making his chart, The Prophetic Timeline, available as a free download at

Magill is convinced that “We can know where we are on the prophetic timeline, and how close we are to the arrival of Antichrist and the return of Christ.”

Magill observed that Christians know about the events of the last days: Antichrist, great tribulation, second coming, rapture, etc., but are often confused on how the events fall into place. This confusion is understandable since different orderings are in abundance.

But what if Scripture reveals a timeline that does not need to be reordered? Shouldn’t that be the timeline used to determine the ordering of last day events? On “The Prophetic Timeline,” Magill charts the timeline given in Scripture. This timeline is recorded in the books of Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation.

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