Horrifying Video Emerges After Afghan Mob Beats Woman, Sets Fire To Body For Allegedly Burning Quran

Horrifying video has emerged from Afghanistan where an angry mob beat a woman to death in the streets, set fire to her body and then tossed it into a river — all for allegedly burning a Quran. Police said the incident took place Thursday near a popular place of worship in downtown Kabul, according to multiple reports. Video shows the crowd chant “Allah akbar!” as they repeatedly stomped on the woman’s body. Some hurled rocks as she attempted to stand up. Eventually she was knocked unconscious as the crowd continued to beat her. “I was shocked that in the middle of day, in the center of the capital of this country, this kind of thing can happen,” Najla Ayubi, a former judge and women’s rights activist, told the Wall Street Journal. “But this is a very sensitive issue. If you burn the Quran in a Muslim country, people are going to respond emotionally. This really makes people angry.”

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