Guinness Uses Classic Christian Hymn About Jesus To Sell Beer

The folks at Guinness have created a visually beautiful commercial, and when you watch it most likely a tear or two will come to your eyes. A soldier fighting off alone on a far-flung battle field, and his sweetheart who runs the bar pouring a beer in his honor and placing it at “his seat” every day that he is gone. Ever since there have been wars, there have been home-front sweethearts waiting their soldier’s return. But there’s a problem. The music that is playing throughout this commercial is a classic Christian hymn about Jesus Christ. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms was published in 1887 with music by Anthony J. So, according to the folks at Guinness, the “fellowship” that is a “joy divine” is not with Jesus Christ and church people, but with people at the local bar drinking very strong drinks like Guinness? The very same people who wake up the next morning with massive hangovers, and car wrecks, and the tawdry remains of cheap, one-night affairs? Because if you ever spent much time in bars, you know that’s how the snow blows after awhile.

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