Got Jesus? Pope Francis Preaches Gospel Of Climate Change And Illegal Immigration

Listening to Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic religion, is an amazing thing. He comes to America, seizes the world’s attention, opens his mouth and preaches….politics! Barely 2 minutes into his speech, he begins to hammer America on the twin gospels of climate change and illegal immigrants. Not one word about Jesus, not one word about salvation through His shed blood, and only had one veiled reference to God when he said something about “the creator”. He sounded more like a man running for office than someone who claims to be “God’s representative” on this Earth. Especially glaring was that Pope Francis had not one word for the 4 hostages suffering in an Iranian prison right now. Surely, such a self-proclaimed champion of human rights would be working day and night to secure their freedom, right? Wrong. Christian pastor Saeed Abedini is an American citizen who Obama has ignored time and again. These 4 men – Saeed Abedini, Amir Hekmati, Jason Rezaian, Robert Levinson – have been forgotten by both Obama and Pope Francis, and that right there tells you everything you need to know about these two end times deceivers.

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