Former Muslim’s Relatives Attempt To Poison Him After He Converted To Follow Jesus


A Ugandan man who converted to Christianity from Islam over 10 years ago has accused his relatives of trying to poison him to death late last month as retribution for his conversion. Hassan Muwanguzi told Morning Star News that his aunt invited him over to her house under the pretense of asking for prayer for her sick daughter. “After eating and taking tea, I started feeling stomachache, then I realized that she was the one responsible for it – and I believe she did not do it alone, since they have been hunting for me directly and indirectly, because when I left them and converted to Christianity it pained them so much,” Muwanguzi wrote in an email. “The reason they want to kill me is very clear – it is because of being a convert to Christianity; above all, to them it is like I brought shame by converting, as a [former] sheik. But to God the Almighty Father, this was His plan for me to expand His Kingdom.”

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