First Century Synagogue Remains Prove Jesus Walked the Earth

Israeli archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a synagogue they say dates to the first century.

The ancient structure was discovered in Tel Rechesh, in the lower Galilee region, on land experts believe was in ancient times an agricultural estate.

If the discovery is eventually authenticated, it would represent one of only eight synagogues discovered in Israel from the so-called Second Temple era.

A top archeologist says the find also confirms the Bible’s New Testament narrative about Christ’s role in preaching in synagogues.

“This is the first synagogue discovered in the rural part of the Galilee and it confirms historical information we have about the New Testament, which says that Jesus preached at synagogues in Galilean villages,” Dr. Motti Aviam, a senior researcher at the Kinneret Institute for Galilean Archeology said.

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