Feminists acted out an abortion performed on the Virgin Mary for Women’s Day

Feminists wearing pink masks acted out an abortion on a woman dressed as the Virgin Mary just outside a cathedral in Northern Argentina as part of the International Women’s Day protest.

The attempt at “performance art” featured what looked like blood and baby parts coming out of the woman playing Mary as she pushed her fist into the air, as the women in pink masks helped it along. The full photo will be linked at the bottom of this article.

According to LifeSite.com, activists groups rose up in defense of the display such as “Pan y Roses” (Bread and Roses) who wrote a Facebook post saying “from the group of women Pan and Roses and the Party of Socialist Workers we express our solidarity with the companions of Socorro Rosa Tucumán who are being brutally attacked for the performance activity that they carried out in the framework of the International Women’s Day.”

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