Extensive List Of The Times We Are In

1897 – The First Jewish Congress (120 years ago to the day before the eclipse)
1917 – The Balfour Declaration (100 years ago)
1947 – U.N. Declaration (70 years ago)
1948 – Israel is back in the land and the hour is late (70 prophetic years ago)
1967 – The Six-Day War (maybe the Psalm 83 war – 50 years ago)
The harbinger of 9/11- remember St. Paul’s chapel
The 2008 financial collapse – 777.7 DOW point drop
Roe v. Wade and the lust for sexual freedom at any cost – the cost of 60 million babies
Sexual revolution and moral collapse
The many military defeats and stalemates from prior Asian conflicts
The many failed attempts to assert U.S. dominance in the Middle East
Chernobyl (Wormwood – precursor)
Hurricane Andrew
Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Rita
Hurricane Ike
Hurricane Gustav
Hurricane Sandy
The Northridge earthquake
The Haitian earthquake
Christchurch New Zealand earthquakes
Nepal earthquake
Chile earthquakes
Mass animal deaths – Hosea 4
BP oil spill
Exxon Valdez
The continued racial divide
Hook-ups and Tinder
Deception and corruption
The many full-size Noah’s Ark replicas that have been created as reminders
The hijacking of the rainbow by the LGBT
The warnings of Revelation
The many near-miss asteroids
The Siberian meteor
Russia and Iran are aligned
The fulfillments in the Arab Spring
U.N. global governance
E.U. governance, seat 666, and the woman riding the beast
The Superbowl half time show – Lady Gaga
Grammys – Beyonce
Washington monument (555.5 feet tall) crack 2,222 (555.5 x 4) days before 9/23/17
Trump wins with 70 electoral votes, inaugurated at age 70 years – 7 months – 7 days. Born 700 days before Israel’s birth. Trump-Pence – trumpets.
7.7 earthquake on 7/17/2017 – 66 days before 9/23
3 days before, Israel retakes the Temple Mount
Mt. Vernon wall collapse – 42 days before 9/23
Chile and Brazil have historical waves and 30 foot drop / receeding oceans.
August 17th – a door appeared in heaven over Jinan, Shandong Province, China
33 days before the sign the world’s most famous clock, Big Ben, fell silent
The August 21st eclipse – Salem, Salem, Salem, Salem, Salem, Salem, Salem. 33 days before 9/23, starting in the 33rd state and ending at the 33rd parallel. 70 miles wide.
Strong’s 33 = Come!
Palestinians (I know J.D. would say there’s no such thing) gave the 45th president 45 days to divide Israel and on that day the U.S. is divided when Hurricane Harvey hits the southern U.S. at Interstate 45.
42 injured in Philadelphia train wreck
August 25th – Corpus (Body) Christi (Christ), Houston, Port Aransas and 56 counties in South Texas – Hurricane Harvey – 50 dead – 136,000 homes flooded – 11.5 million impacted. Once-in-a-thousand year event. Arkema explosion (get on the Ark). 50 inches of rain. Most powerful in 12 years, with 12 foot storm surges and one month before the Rev 12 sign.
Luke 21:25 and there will be sign in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring
India/Pakistan/Nepal floods – 1,200 dead – 41 million impacted
September 1st – three mile wide asteroid Florence (the lady with the lamp) whizzes by, 11 days after the eclipse and 22 days before the 9/23 sign.
the 2024 eclipse – X marks the spot where the Ohio River joins the Mississippi in an area called Little Egypt (near Cairo, Illinois)
All 39 counties in Washington state are now in wildfire crisis
Largest L.A. county wildfire in history
Cool San Fran is having record temperatures.
Volcanoes waking up
Earthquake rumors and tremors
Yellowstone tremors
Millions of trees in Poland inexplicably blown down
Hurricane Irma and the one behind it
Let’s not forget the significant terror threats
A world laden with debt, markets that are hyper-inflated, and economies ready to pop
Signs in the heavens
Blood moons
Revelation 12 Sign. 42 weeks. The Comet Borisov conception. The crown on Jupiter. 726 minutes of daylight in Israel (the only day in 2017 with 726 minutes of daylight).
Isaiah 66:7-8 tied to Revelation 12:5 – huion arsen
Revelation 15 sign in 2024
726 days between the last blood moon and 9/23 and Strong’s #726 = rapture
Strong’s 9 = “what was lost”
Strong’s 23 = “My Father has gathered”
The pressure on Israel and messing with the Genesis 12 covenant (this is in the news almost every day. Don’t eat from the forbidden tree and don’t mess with the covenant)
Daniel 5:27 – you have been weighed and found wanting
The parallels in Genesis 5-12
The numbers and parallels are overwhelming – see also Daniel’s research at WatchfortheDay.org
The priests of Israel have been found, trained and prepped
The temple implements are prepared
The red heifer is ready
This weekend the first “shofarot” from a speckled Jacob’s sheep was blown in Northern Israel in fulfillment of Isaiah 27:13 – see here.
The rediscovery of the conservative scholars who understood the male child was the Church
U.N. “Peace and Safety” on 9/21
The scoffers
The convergence of signs and watchers. Not to imply endorsement of my article or that everyone shares my understanding, but tens of thousands see the same thing and when have you ever seen an eclectic group of prophecy watchers of one mind?

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